Bild: L Hofsten

2013-03-29   Stockholm Int. Easter Dog Show, Kista
Juniorklass: Excellent, kkl 1

Kritik: 13 months. Strong bone, Excellent head, Good neck. Topline slightly dipped in back. A bit steep in croupe. Correct tail. Needs more depth of chest, A bit flat in ribs. Well-angulated in front & behind. Strong muscles. Very good side movement. Lovely temperament!
Domare: Nekrosiene Natalja

2013-01-04   MyDog Internationell
Juniorklass: Excellent, kkl 2

Pretty picture standing. Good proportion. Correct head with clean stop. Wellset ear. Could carrier stronger topline but moves with enough drive and reach. Well presented.
Domare: Pichard Laurent, Schweiz

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